‘Fossilised’ on Paper

  These small prints of ‘organisms’ were originally part of a large print that illustrated a short section of a long poem by Erasmus Darwin, ‘The Temple of… (more)

‘The Third Thing’ wins an award!

At the British Book Design and Production Awards, held in November 2014, it was announced that ‘The Third Thing’, the book I made with The Old Stile Press… (more)


Today is the first day of rain for a long time in Bangkok, and with it comes a sense of refreshment that has prompted me to look at… (more)

Rounded Out: Printing ‘Orb’ and Thinking Circles

‘Orb’ (180 x 180 cm) is the biggest among several circle prints in a group I loosely named Sun Room. It is not printed from one sheet… (more)

Other Sides to Woodblock Printing in China

   A few years ago I visited Rongbaozhai, the famous art store and studio in Liulichang, a traditional cultural district of Beijing. Founded some 300 years ago and originally… (more)

Year of the Snake—Visual Encounters with the Sinuous

While it is still the Year of the Snake (February 2013–January 2014) and before the Year of the Horse begins, I found a few images of snakes—some my… (more)

The Sensation of Swimming

    About 15 years ago, I made a large installation of some 50 woodblock prints that connected up to make a continuous frieze of swimming figures. This… (more)

Angles on the Union Jack

  Without wishing to fly the flag too much during Great Britain’s Olympic year, as an artist, I find the Union Jack a brilliantly solved graphic problem to… (more)

A Print of Swimming Otters for a Poem

This is the proof for a print of swimming otters to accompany ‘River-Mates’, a poem by the Irish poet Padraic Colum. The print will be one of 24… (more)

Creating a Large Jigsaw Block

These photos show the preparation and printing of a large woodblock print called “Metal Pagoda” in the Monumental series. The process uses a jigsaw rather than… (more)